Q-Tipp Touchless vs Brushless


Q-Tipp Touchless Car Wash System


Touchless car wash systems uses high-powered jets to clean your vehicle without touching the body of the vehicle.

What's the benefit of choosing a touchless car wash over a brushless car wash? Brushless drive through car wash systems use automatic cloth curtains and drums to clean away the grime and dirt, which can damage the paint on an automobile - especially when used on a regular basis.

Our touchless car wash system doesn't directly touch your car, meaning your vehicle's paint is unharmed. In these, the car is parked in a bay and the touchless system uses a pressurized water jet to wash and rinse the vehicle, a process that is particularly beneficial for vehicles with heavy road-salt buildups in the wheel wells. This option is effectively a touchless wash, because -- unless the user chooses to finish the process by drying and polishing with a cloth -- only water comes into contact with the vehicle.



Traditional Soft Touch Car Wash Systems

A brushless car wash means the material that touches your car is not made of a synthetic bristle fibers. Brushless car washes use a friction based system designed specifically for the use of soft clothes or soft-flex foam with soapy water to wash the vehicle on a conveyor system. Your vehicle will pass through several curtains of material in sequence.

The process typically begins with pressurized jets of water used to remove heavy debris and granular dirt from the surface, followed by a rotating drum with special cloth made to resist the accumulation of dirt on its surfaces which pass over the vehicle as detergent is applied. Numerous straps of soft cloth are attached to the drum to help the detergent work. A second drum, to which chamois strips are attached, usually passes over the car to finish with a polish.

Q-Tipp Touchless Car Wash System





A Traditional Soft Touch Car Wash Systems