Q-Tipp Treatment Paint Chip Repair


Scratch repair without the scarring, blobbing, and color mismatches of other touch-up applications. The ScratchOut system's 10,000 colors quickly and permanently repair paint scratches and chips on vehicles of every color. Why spend thousands at a body shop when this is the next best thing!


Q-Tipp Treatment Paint Chip Repair Starts at $85.00


To the right you will see a before and after photos of a Subaru's bumper repaired by our paint chip repair system. And below you can read about our step by step process in restoring the bumper to almost original condition.


Long Scratches

The scratch is too long to touch up with a touch up brush--the brush strokes will be visible. So, we will first use a squeegee to apply the color-matching paint to the scratch. The paint dries in about 2 minutes. We then remove the excess paint with our proprietary chemical, Paint Leveler. Paint leveler is a weak solvent. It allows us to remove the excess paint in layers until we are left with only paint that fills the scratch. This repair looks very good from 8+ inches away. The savings are significant, as a body shop would charge as much as $800 to blend paint this metallic grey door.

Deep Scratches

This fender has been scratched deeply - metal is exposed. We'll first fill the scratch with a single stage scratch-filling putty. Paint Leveler, applied using a flat foam block, allows up to flatten the putty and create a foundation for our touch up paint. We choose a matching color from our color deck and mix the paint as directed (12 drops of bottle BLUE4 and 8 drops of bottle BLUE5).


Using a very fine tipped touch up brush, we carefully apply the paint over the putty and get a great result on a relatively difficult metallic blue scratch.


Rock Chips

The front bumper of this Subaru has a few large rock chips that have exposed the black plastic beneath beneath.


Once dry, the touch up paint blends well with the surrounding area. The chips have been thoroughly cleaned, and this is a permanent repair.


Deep Bumper Cuts

The bumper of this Camry is cut deep. A body shop would charge $350 to fix this damage. Because the damage is low on the bumper, and it is a solid color, the cut could be filled, then touched up permanently... a significant savings of time and money.



Subaru: Before Paint Chip Repair


The rear bumper of this Maxima has 20+ small cuts and scratches. These are commonly caused by parallel parking and dragging luggage over the bumper as it's loaded into the trunk.


Q-Tipp Paint CHip Repair: Before Photo



Subaru: After Paint Chip Repair


After the touchup paint is applied, the cuts and scratches look quite good from 10+ inches away.  If we examine the repair from 6 inches or closer, the touchup paint can be spotted.  However, because the bumper is low and a dark color, this $50 touchup is a fine alternative to a repaint.


Q-Tipp Treatment: Paint Repair After Photo