Q-Tipp treatment Interior Cleaning


Q-Tipp Treatment's Interior Cleaning Consists Of 3 Steps:


Step 1: Vacuuming the entire car, cleaning the dashboard, door panels and seats.


Step 2: Cleaning and conditioning leather surfaces, shampooing all carpets and cleaning all floor mats.


Step 3: Cleaning of the trunk, interior windows and final dressing of the dash board and panels.



Vacuuming Details:

Vacuuming carpet, upholstery, and interior is one of the most tedious aspects of auto detailing. Vacuuming is one of those areas where patience is key. We use a high volume industrial strength system with various nozzle attachments to get into all the crevices of your motor vehicle.


Tornador Cleaning Details:

The Tornador Car Cleaning Gun uses the power of air to deep clean virtually any automotive surface. Only the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun uses an oscillating blast of air that breaks up soil on contact to remove spots, stains, ground-in dirt, and spills. It will be used on the console, seats, carpet and floor mats to ensure a proper cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing Details:

We use the strongest spot and stain remover shampoo for your carpet & upholstery on your motor vehicle. Our cleaner will break down and remove stubborn stains safely and completely. It is formulated with the most advanced cleaners and protectants. Our fabric clean combines a superior biodegradable degreaser with an enzymatic odor eliminator for immediate odor control and long lasting deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology. Naturally occurring microbes in our fabric clean degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, eradicating them completely leaving behind a fresh scent.

Carpet Cleaning With Rotary Tool Details:

After the carpet and or upholstery has been thoroughly lathered in our shampoo and odor eliminator cleaner we use a deep cleaning rotary tool to work the trapped grit, dirt and grease from the depths of the fibers and bring them to the surface.



After the carpet and or upholstery has been deep cleaned with the rotary tool, we use a special extractor attachment for our vacuum system to remove all of the dirt, grim, grease and shampoo cleaner that is laying within the fibers of your carpet in your motor vehicle.


Our Interior Pricing Chart By Vehicle

*Above prices are base prices. All vehicles are priced upon inspection.

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Q-Tipp Treatment Interior Cleaning

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