Q-Tipp Express Washing and Waxing


Our Express Exterior Washing and Waxing is our basic service. This process consists of:


Step 1: Full washing and lathering of the exterior part of your car with our foaming soup application. Including all wheels, wheel wells and tires. Proceeded by a complete and thorough rinsing of the motor vehicle.


Step 2: After the vehicle has been cleaned, we then proceed to removing of tar, bugs and other environmental contaminants from the body by using out claying technique for cleaning the paint of your vehicle.


Step 3: After the vehicle has been washed and the paint cleaned, we then proceed to applying and removing a waxing top coat with or orbital rotating tool to protect the paint.


Our Express Exterior Pricing Chart By Vehicle

* add a vacuuming or window cleaning for $10 each

*Above prices are base prices. All vehicles are priced upon inspection.

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Q-Tipp Treatment: Step 1 Washing

Q-Tipp Treatment: Wheel Cleaning